Adipex and night shift

People with obesity working a night shift also need the treatment of this disease. Weight loss pills Adipex are not contraindicated in patients who work the night shift; however, this treatment may have its peculiarities.

Obese patients who have to work at night year by year and sleep in the daytime are more prone to hypertension, sleep disorders and stress. Thus, such patients should take Adipex drug with caution.

Recommendations for use of Adipex before the night shift.
Adipex use does not depend on the time of day. It is recommended to take Adipex in the morning before or after the breakfast. If a person works the night shift, it is best to take Adipex drug no earlier than 7-10 hours before sleep regardless of the time of day. Adipex can be taken in the evening if obese patient constantly goes to bed in the morning.

Some obese people do not experience discomfort when working the night shift. Night work does not have a negative influence on the health and mental state of such people. These patients can take Adipex just as other obese patients.
Recommendations for use of Adipex in day after day shift.
It is worse for those, whose work schedule includes both day and night. Such work schedule may lead to endocrine disorders and organ dysfunction. In addition, this may cause pathologies and diseases such as sleep disorder, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and mental disorders.

Such patients can take Adipex but with caution. Consult the doctor if you have any side effects. To reduce side effects, it may be recommended to decrease the dosage of Adipex 37.5mg up to 18.75mg.
How to reduce the risk of side effects.
In order to reduce the risk of side effects, patients who take Adipex and work the night shift should:

Change the work schedule
Take breaks at work
Not smoke and avoid passive smoking
Abstain from alcohol
Consume healthy diet
Increase physical activity

Increase in physical activity does not only help to reduce the risk of side effects, but also promotes a successful obesity treatment.
Adipex and simple jogging.
A simple jogging for 40-60 minutes a day significantly increases the body’s need for calories.

Daily jogging activates almost all main muscles of a person, promotes the increase of muscle mass and brings to the body a great benefit. During Adipex therapy, jogging positively affects cardiovascular system and accelerates metabolism.

People who often go jogging less likely to be depressed. Jogging in the park removes psychological stress, beneficially affects the central nervous system and increases self-esteem. For the maximum efficiency, obese patients should combine the use of weight loss pills Adipex with a low-calorie diet. During Adipex therapy, it is necessary to abandon fatty foods, carbonated drinks and products containing fast carbohydrates.
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