Fatty food. The effect on psyche

It was established that an overuse of fatty food provided a negative effect on the overall health and self-esteem of people.

High calorie diet causes an imbalance of intestinal flora. The changed intestinal flora increases the diseases susceptibility.

According to the latest scientific research, overeating can affect even psyche of overweight people.

The studies have shown that a diet that contains a large amount of fat can cause serious health and mental problems.

High calorie diet causes an imbalance of intestinal flora. In turn, the changed intestinal flora increases the diseases susceptibility in the human body.

Microflora imbalance may cause depression, neurosis and psychopathy in people.

In order to confirm the theory about the influence of hypocaloric diet on the human’s psyche, scientists conducted the number of tests in mice. During these tests, scientists transplanted the intestinal microflora from one group of mice who have been eating fatty food for a long time to another group of mice.

According to the results, the microflora transplanted from mice who had a high-calorie diet, has changed the behavior of the tested group of mice.

Mice with the transplanted intestinal flora became anxious and stressed. Thus, the scientists have noticed some changes in the brain and intestinal permeability syndrome in the tested mice.

The scientists claim that everything we consume – food, liquids and medications can affect our brains and overall heath directly or indirectly. Some substances provide an immediate and short-term effect on our bodies, others affect for a long period of time.

«We are what we eat» this was the conclusion of ancient Greek wise men. Mental and physical health of a person depends on the food he eats.

Unfortunately, few people keep that in mind when they are hungry. The brain requires a fast saturation, rewarding people with good mood and the feeling of satisfaction, if they eat everything that seems tasty for them.

Often, tasty food is the one that is high in sugar and calories, which is not healthy at all. The lack of control over your balanced diet may lead to the accumulation of excess weight and obesity.

During the last study, the scientists found out that the brain function could change even in the lack of obesity symptoms. This fact proves that there is a close connection between mental and gastrointestinal disorders.

That is why, the interconnection between the mental and gastrointestinal disorders will be the subject for the future scientific studies.